Patrol Life

Currently the troop has 2 Scout Patrols. The Adults also form a Patrol on many of the campouts.
The Patrols are:
  • The Dragons
  • The Pyro Birds
  • The Owls (The adult Patrol -- The Old Wise Leaders !)
Each Patrol meets several times a month during the Troop meeting, and sometimes hold an extra meeting to finish some work or planning. Of course, the Patrols can schedule their own fun outings or campouts (as long as they have two adult leaders, and file a Tour Permit).

The Patrol will elect the Patrol Leader. This position will be rotated to different scouts throughout the year. A scout may be in the position for a term of 3 to 6 months.

Patrol Jobs

See Junior Leader Job Descriptions for a list of Troop and Patrol Job Descriptions.

A Scout is Reverent

"Wonders all around us remind us of our faith in God. We find it in the tiny secrets of creation and the great mysteries of the universe. It exists in the kindness of people and in the teachings of our families and religious leaders." Scout Handbook, Tenderfoot section

A grace or prayer should respect the religious beliefs of others.
A grace can include thoughtful statements which reflect on the activities of the day, nature and beauty around us, safekeeping of friends and family, and requests to help and protect those whom we know who are ill or suffering, and those whom we don't know but still care about. And Thank God for just being there with us always, and taking care of us.
Do you have a favorite grace? Share it with us!

Need a Grace for your next meal? See A Scout is Reverent for ideas!

Patrol Duties: Preparation for a Campout

See Preparation for a Campout for more information.