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Newest Members

Congratulations to our newest Ordeal members tapped out at Summer Camp 2015!

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And Congratulations to Ordeal members who sealed their membership with Brotherhood!

General Information

Lodge 40

Our Troop is in the Namachani Chapter of Lodge 40.

Meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month (Sept - May) at the same time as the Roundtable meetings:
7:30 PM LDS Church 2727 W. Lake Avenue Wilmette, IL

Links to NEIC Lodge 40 information : http://members.doubleknot.com/makajawan/

On this web site you will find information about MakaJaWan Lodge 40:
The Chapters (Contacts & Meeting info), LEC, The Whip (Newsletter), Calendar, Events, Gallery, Service, Forms, Links


Link to National BSA information: http://www.oa-bsa.org/

There is a OA Jump Start program for new OA members that you can go to by clicking on the link on the web site. It is loaded with useful information, and has a very nice review of the Ordeal ceremony that you all went through (just in case you can't remember everything that was said during the weekend). It can also be reached by going here: http://jumpstart.oa-bsa.org/

Many of the OA leaders have put their thoughts in essays in a special part of the web site -- check this out for some really thought-provoking reading: http://www.oa-bsa.org/resources/thoughts/thoughts_02vc_unit.htm

See the essay titled "An Arrowman's Primary Duty", it will help you make those decisions about which event to go to, if you have a troop campout and an OA event on the same weekend!

News You Can Use from Chapter Meetings

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Upcoming Events

Information about the Order of the Arrow


Dr. E. Urner Goodman founded the Order Of The Arrow in 1915. Goodman was a scoutmaster and also the camp director of Boy Scout Camp Treasure Island. Goodman and his friend Carroll A. Edson wanted some way to recognize those few scouts who were especially good to others.

Goodman and Edson did lots of reading and found many things on the Delaware Indians. They devised Scouting’s honor society, The Order of the Arrow. The Order would encourage lots of camping and cheerful service.

MaKaJaWan Lodge 40

The Key 5 – a Lodge Chief, Vice Chief of Committees, Vice Chief of Chapters, Secretary, and Treasurer, manage MaKaJaWan Lodge 40. Focus of the lodge is Cheerful Service to the Camp. The Lodge runs 3 OA ceremonies at Camp for tapping Ordeal members, and advancing Brotherhood and Vigil members. They also have Ordeal and Brotherhood at Conclave in the fall and Brotherhood in the spring. Elections occur in the troop before April 1st by an outside OA member.


Service projects for Lodge 40 include Toys for Tots, Food Drive and Pantry, Greater Food Depository, and Council events. Email and the Whippoorwill newsletter send notice about the projects. There are 3 chapters as part of Lodge 40: Aptakisic, Namachani, and Yakwahay. A Chapter Chief manages each. Individual chapters do service projects also.

Troop 924

Troop 924 has 9 members (in 2007).
The adult members are Bob Burson, Kevin McDaniel, and Jeff Williamson

An outside OA representative holds elections before April 1st in the troop.

http://www.main.oa-bsa.org/ - National OA Homepage and Arrow Corps 5

http://live.oa-bsa.org/events/ncls2007/ - NCLS Homepage

http://members.doubleknot.com/makajawan/ - Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Lodge 40 Homepage
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