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Uniforms and Insignia

All Scouts are expected to wear, depending on the meeting or activity, a BSA field uniform or the Troop work uniform. Which uniform is expected will be announced in advance in the Troop Newsletter and at Troop meetings.

The full BSA field uniform consists of the official BSA shirt with correct insignia, official BSA pants (shorts or long pants), official BSA belt, Scout socks, the official Troop 924 neckerchief (provided by the Troop), and a neckerchief slide (purchased or handmade). This uniform is required for a Board of Review, Court of Honor, Eagle Ceremonies and when otherwise designated, including flag ceremonies at summer camp.

Scouts are expected to wear the correct insignia on their uniforms, including their current rank, their current leadership position, and other appropriate patches. The Boy Scout Handbook provides detailed information regarding the correct placement of all patches.

Periodic uniform inspections will be held at Troop meetings to ensure that each Scout has a BSA field uniform shirt with correct insignia. A Scout will be asked to change and update his uniform if it does not meet all of the Scouting requirements.

A modified version of the BSA field uniform may be worn to all Troop meetings. The BSA field shirt may be worn with any short or long pants. The neckerchief, socks, and belt are optional at Troop meetings. The BSA field shirt is required while traveling to and from campouts.

The Troop work uniform consists of the Troop 924 tee-shirt, official BSA pants (shorts or long pants) or jeans, and Scout socks or white crew socks. The scout’s first tee-shirt is provided by the Troop. Additional tee-shirts may be purchased (contact the Treasurer or Adult Quartermaster). The Troop work uniform is worn at Troop activities, on camp outs, during the day at summer camp, and when otherwise designated.

Troop 924 seeks donations of old or outgrown uniforms, which are reconditioned and offered free to any Scout needing a uniform part (contact the Treasurer or Adult Quartermaster).

Questions regarding uniforms and insignia should be directed to the Scoutmaster.