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Troop Committee

The Troop Committee is responsible for the coordination, management, and administration of the Troop. The Troop Committee is run by the Troop Committee Chairman.

Troop committee meetings are usually held monthly. Meeting dates are announced in the Troop Newsletter or email messages. All parents are expected to attend. Additional meetings may be called if necessary.

The key duties of the Troop Committee are as follows:
  • The Troop Committee is responsible for the finances of the Troop. The Troop Treasurer handles all Troop funds and provides the Committee with financial statements.
  • The Troop Committee plays a key role with advancement. The Advancement Chairman sets up the Board of Review, helps to plan the Court of Honor, keeps all advancement records, and sends advancement records to the Boy Scout Council.
  • The Troop Committee helps to coordinate all events, including campouts and summer camp. The Event Chairman is responsible for ensuring that a parent heads up each event. The Event Chairman works with that parent to ensure that necessary reservations are made, e.g., the campground chosen by the Troop, obtain camping and travel/tour permits, send out information about the event, collect any fees and reservations, find drivers, if necessary, and generally ensuring that the event is successful.
  • The Troop Committee helps the Scoutmaster maintain the Troop equipment. An Adult Quartermaster works with the scout Troop Quartermaster to inventory all Troop equipment, to ensure appropriate storage and repair of Troop equipment, and to recommend purchases of new equipment as necessary.
  • The Troop Committee helps the Scoutmaster with membership. The Membership Chairman makes sure all prospective families are informed about the Troop and Scouting, handles Troop recruiting plans, and coordinates activities with Cub Scout Packs.
  • The Troop Committee also is responsible for planning fundraising for the Troop. The Fundraising Chairman takes lead responsibility in planning the Troop’s fundraisers. Currently the Troop has two fundraisers each year – the wreath sale and popcorn sale in October and November.