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Personal Camping Gear

The items on this list are suggestions that should be brought on campouts. Parents should remember to label all of the Scout's clothing and personal items with his name. This list is available as a one-page form on the web site under the menu item "Personal Camping Equipment."

Scouts will be informed of the need for additional or special personal camping gear for particular outings in the flyers announcing those camp outs.

Remember: Be Prepared !!

The items on this list are suggestions of what should be brought on camp outs.
Not all items are needed on every trip. Discuss it during the planning phase of your trip.

 _____ Use Baggies
  • organize your stuff
  • protect it in wet conditions
  • to compress your stuff
 _____ Label It - Name and Troop number
  • Scout clothing
  • Gear & personal items
  • Outside of your pack or bag
 _____ Share items – “One per Patrol”
  • travel light (soap, toothpaste, shampoo, Camp Suds)
  • decide who brings what
  • camera
 _____ Reduce quantities
  • think essentials
  • eliminate big containers, wrappers
  • travel “small” and compact
  • reduce weight – lighten up

Fireworks    Firearms    Tobacco    Drugs    Lighters of Any Kind    Aerosol Spray Cans    Sheath Knives
Candy or Cookies    Cans/glass bottles of Soda    Radios/Media players     Electronic Games    Axes

Camping Gear:
____ Camping Back Pack or Duffle bag
____ Stuff Bag(s) for dirty laundry, wet gear
____ Sleeping Bag
____ Sleeping bag liner (fleece or blanket)
____ Sleeping Pad
____ Pillow (optional)

Mess Kit:
____ Water Bottle(s)
____ Cup / Bowl / Plate
____ Knife / Fork / Spoon
____ Net bag for air-drying mess kit

____ First-Aid Kit ( personal size)
____ Scout Knife
____ Flashlight
____ Extra Batteries/Bulbs
____ Compass
____ Boy Scout Handbook
____ Notebook/Paper
____ Pencils/Pen
____ Book, Journal, Sketchpad, cards (optional)

____ Soap in Container
____ Toothbrush & Toothpaste
____ Comb or Brush
____ Washcloth and Towel
____ Deodorant (not for light travel)
____ Hand sanitizer lotion
____ Hand wipes
____ Shirts / T-shirts
____ Sweaters / Vest / Coats
____ Rain Gear
____ Hiking Boots
____ Sneakers
____ Swim Trunks (summer)
____ Pajamas
____ Extra Long Pants
____ Extra Shirts
____ Extra Socks
____ Extra Underwear
____ Winter hat, gloves, etc.

Scout Uniform:
____ Shirt
____ Troop Class B T-shirt
____ Pants or Shorts
____ Belt
____ Socks
____ Neckerchief
____ Slide
____ Cap (optional)

____ Prescription meds
____ Meds Permission form
____ Non-Prescription meds
____ Foot powder