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Court of Honor

Ranks and merit badges are awarded in a ceremony called a Court of Honor.

A Scout should plan early to complete his requirements in a timely manner, so that his achievements can be recognized at the Court of Honor. All achievements must be submitted to the Council for approval (by the Advancement Chairman) before the patches can be purchased and before they can be presented to a Scout.

A Court of Honor is held on three occasions during the year to recognize the Scout's achievements and recognize the adult leader's contributions and training. These are held usually in September, February, and June in lieu of the usual Monday night Troop Meeting. These special events are held in Logan Hall or the Guild Room of Northminster Presbyterian Church. Friends and family are strongly encouraged to attend the celebration! Not only does a Scout get full recognition for his work, but a Court of Honor is also planned as a social event for the entire family.

Any Scout who has earned his Eagle rank is entitled to a special recognition at his own Eagle Court of Honor. This is a Troop activity. All Scouts and their families are invited to attend.

All scouts and leaders should wear the full uniform to these events. The uniform will include the neckerchief and any special award pins ( such as religious awards, heroism awards, etc.).