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Care of Troop Equipment

After every camp out, Scouts may be required to take home tents which need to be dried or cleaned and cooking equipment to be more thoroughly cleaned. All the equipment must be returned the Monday after the campout.

Tents need to be completely dried which generally takes only a few hours. Tents need to be cleaned of dirt inside and out. The fabric should be cleaned of dirt, if necessary using warm water with mild soap. Tents cannot be placed in a washing machine or they will lose their water resistance. A tent must be folded based on instructions given at Troop meetings.

Cooking gear must be scrubbed clean such that they are shiny aluminum. Due to the way pots and pans nest, the outside as well as the inside must be totally cleaned as well. The nylon bags for the cook kits and utensils kits should be washed, as needed.

In addition, following each campout each Patrol box must be inspected to ensure that it is complete. If equipment is not returned in good shape, the Patrol boxes will not be complete, and the Scouts will not have everything they need for subsequent camp outs.

The Adult Quartermaster, Scoutmaster, and the Troop Quartermaster will inspect and monitor the condition of equipment. They will also repair equipment and make purchases as necessary.

Donations of functional, used or new equipment are greatly appreciated!

Any equipment which is abused or severely damaged by a Scout through mischief or failure to follow instructions, will need to be replaced by the family.