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Board of Review

A Board of Review is convened to confirm that the Scout has completed the requirements for the Rank and that he demonstrates Scout Spirit by living by the principles of the Scout Law and Oath.

The Board of Review can be arranged on an as-needed basis or can be planned in advance, at regularly scheduled intervals (see the Troop Calendar).

The Scout is honored at the next Court of Honor, along with all of the other scouts who have earned ranks and completed merit badges. But he has attained the Rank officially on the day that he passes his Board of Review.

Scouts are expected to present themselves in their field uniform (old term was “Class A” uniform) with up-to-date patches and to bring their Scout handbook. The field uniform consists of the khaki shirt, green pants, BSA socks and belt. For important events, the neckerchief and slide are appropriate.

The purpose of the Board of Review is
to ensure the Scout has met the requirements for the rank;
to verify the Scout is having a positive experience in the Troop; and
to encourage the Scout to progress further.

Prior to the Board of Review, a Scout must have a Scoutmaster’s Conference. The purpose of the Scoutmaster’s conference is to motivate a Scout to accept the responsibility for his growth in Scouting. A Scout who needs a Scoutmaster’s Conference must request one at least one week in advance of a Board of Review. The Scout himself must make this request. After the Scoutmaster’s Conference, the Scout will ask the Advancement Chairman for a Board of Review.