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Attendance Requirements

After a Scout is registered with the Troop, he is expected to attend most Troop activities. A Scout must notify his Patrol Leader and Senior Patrol Leader in advance when he is planning to be absent from a Troop activity, including Troop meetings.

To remain active in the Troop, a Scout must attend at least 50% of the scheduled weekly Troop meetings and at least 50% of the scheduled Troop special events, including camp outs and service projects, over a six-month period. If a Scout fails to maintain this level of attendance, the Scout is placed on inactive status as long as his dues are paid and he maintains interest in showing Scout Spirit.

Active Scouts may advance in rank as they fulfill requirements. Inactive Scouts do not enjoy this privilege. Being reinstated as an active member of the Troop requires meeting the attendance requirements and having a personal conference with the Scoutmaster or the Scoutmaster’s representative. A Scout can be reinstated following as little as three months participation with the Troop.